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Bombastic Bitcoin Casino

Are you ready for the next generation of crypto casinos? Play online casino games at Bombastic! You can enjoy the future of online bitcoin and crypto casino gaming today. With 12 different cryptocurrency options, hundreds of great games, and an endless stream of rewards, Bombastic is the home of modern gaming.

Cryptocurrency Gambling & Crypto Casinos

Cryptocurrency gambling is the ability to play real-money games using popular cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin. It's the most evolved form of online gambling, which started as a social activity. Online casino games were initially played with virtual chips, but after casino operators integrated traditional payment methods such as Visa and Mastercard, real-money gaming was born. Today, our forward-thinking developers have embraced this spirit of innovation by adding blockchain technology to the mix. This allows us to drive the industry forward with our unique products while giving tech-savvy customers new ways of paying and playing online casino games.

The Next Generation of Online Casino Gaming

Cryptocurrency casinos such as Bombastic are replacing traditional payment options such as Visa and Mastercard with Bitcoin and 11 other cryptocurrencies. But that's not all, our platform allows you to play casino games using cryptocurrencies and earn bonuses, which include our unique Bombastium loyalty tokens, as well as other prizes like free spins, deposit bonus, VIP experiences, and more. These features take your bitcoin casino gaming experience to the next level.

Bitcoin Casino Games: Why You Should Play

Online crypto gambling is, as we now know, the act of making payments and bets using coins like bitcoin. Those in the know should already have a sense of why this is advantageous, particularly with regards to security and anonymity. However, in the interests of full disclosure, here are the things we like most about cryptocurrency gambling:


One of the main reasons people who value privacy are turning to cryptocurrencies is anonymity. Sending bitcoin to another person is a pseudonymous process. All Bitcoin transactions are visible on the blockchain. Giving everyone the ability to check and verify transactions is what makes decentralisation possible and safe. You don't need to input any personal information to transfer or receive coins. A wallet address is all you need. Contrast this with a fiat currency payment where you need to input your name, address and card number, and you can see how our crypto online casino payments have the edge with anonymity.


We use the latest security protocols, including SSL encryption and password protected accounts to ensure you're safe at all times. You'll also have the comfort of knowing that all of our games have been tested and certified as fair and safe by iTech Labs. Add to this the inherent security benefits of blockchains, and you've got the safest way to gamble online with bitcoin.


Speed is particularly important in the online casino world. Why would you want to wait days for your winnings to arrive? The average processing time for fiat casino withdrawals is 2-5 days but, as you'd expect from the best crypto casinos that accept bitcoin, we process withdrawals within 24 hours.


Bitcoin gambling and bitcoin casino sites accept the same currency, regardless of where players are. Having a universal currency makes a casino more accessible. You don't need to worry about things such as currency conversion fees, either. When you make deposits on Bombastic Casino, you can do it using 12 universally available cryptocurrencies.

Profitability of Bitcoin Casinos

We can't say that crypto casino online gaming is profitable because there's always an element of chance in gambling. What we can say is that crypto gambling is a competitive industry. Like the best crypto online casinos and casino Bitcoin sites, we're pioneers vying to become the industry leader. That's good for you as a player because it means our bonuses and promo offers are generous. We offer some of the biggest crypto casino bonuses because we want you to get more value from your time online.

How Can I Start My Crypto Casino Adventure?

Your crypto casino online adventure starts here. Bombastic Casino has hundreds of high-quality online crypto casino games covering all tastes and trends. We're not only your host but your guide into the next generation of casino gaming. We'll walk you through every product and service we offer. From registering and making deposits to playing games and claiming your winnings, our crypto casino guides will help boost your confidence when you play at Bombastic. All of these things are available within our digital walls.

To get inside, follow these steps

  • Tap the sign-up button at the top of this page.
  • Input your email address and password.
  • Confirm that you're at least 18 years old.
  • Tap “join”.
  • Go to your emails and tap the verification link to activate your account.
  • Log into your account for the first time and tell us what nickname you want.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Tell us your interests so we can give you a personalised gaming experience.
  • Claim your welcome bonus and make your first deposit or look around the site first.
  • BTC Casino Games

    Bitcoin casinos have a variety of fabulous games. The Bombastic bitcoin casino offers games from the more traditional casinos to the innovative, we've got something for everyone, including these hits:

    Crypto Slots & Free spins

    We've got hundreds of online crypto slots. Some have three reels, some have five, and some have more. Some have a few paylines, others have thousands. Some have three reels, some have five, and some have more. Some have a few paylines, others have thousands. Some have fixed jackpots, others have progressive payouts. There's so much variety in our crypto casino slot lobby that you'll never be short of options. Online slots has always been a popular outlet for players and Bombastic is proud that we can offer such a wide variety. Bombastic members can also win free spins through our generous bonus program.

    Crypto Blackjack

    Experienced casino players love blackjack because it's a game where you can introduce an element of skill. Players start with two cards and the aim is to make a better total than the dealer. The best total is 21 and you've got the ability to draw more cards, which is where the skill comes in. What's great about crypto blackjack is the fact you can play traditional variants or try games with bonus features and payouts.

    Crypto Roulette & Live Dealer Games

    Roulette is an iconic casino game that's suitable for all players. Why? Because the aim is to predict where a ball is going to stop on a spinning wheel. The wheel contains numbers running from 0 to 36, and if you want to play for the biggest returns, you can bet on specific numbers. But roulette also has lower risk bets that allow you to cover groups of numbers, such as Red (you cover all the red numbers). We offer a variety of live dealer games including live roulette.

    Crypto Baccarat

    Baccarat is a cryptocurrency casino game where you bet on one of three outcomes: Banker win, Player win or a tie. Once you've placed a bet, the dealer puts two cards on the Banker square and two on the Player square. The aim is to make a total as close to nine as possible, and this can happen after the initial deal or by drawing more cards from the deck.

    Crypto Poker

    Crypto casino poker comes in two forms: table and video. Table poker games, such as Caribbean Stud, put you heads-up with a dealer in an effort to make the best hand. Video poker is played in isolation and uses a draw format. This means you start with five cards and hold/exchange as many as possible to make a ranked poker hand.

    Crypto Craps

    Craps is a popular dice game. A shooter throws two dice and you bet on totals. Play continues until the shooter craps out (rolls a 7) and you win each time you correctly predict which total the shooter will roll.

    Crypto Arcade-Casino Games

    Just as bitcoin has changed the way you make deposits, bets and withdrawals, arcade-style casino games are truly unique. These games take elements from the video gaming sector and combine them with a betting structure that allows you to win cash prizes.

    Crypto Live Casino Games

    Live dealer casino technology creates the most immersive online gaming experience. Instead of playing in digital rooms, these games connect you to remote studios filled with human tables and physical objects. From blackjack and roulette to crypto live casino game shows like Dream Catcher, you're playing physical games via a digital platform.

    Bitcoin Gambling Sites Checklist: What You Need to Know

    So you've decided that using an online casino with bitcoin is the way forward. Completing the registration process gets you into the mix but, before you take your first steps into this new frontier, here are the things you need to get the most from your crypto gambling experience:

    • If you've got a way to get bitcoin and a wallet (hot or cold), you can send them to your casino account; if not, don't worry! You can purchase Bitcoin right on our site through some of our trusted methods.
    • Complete the registration process and follow the required steps.
    • Make sure you know how to access our crypto casino guides and customer support service.
    • Bookmark our blog for the latest news, promo offers and online Bitcoin casino tips.

    Get the above things in order and you're ready to play with our crypto casino on your computer or mobile. Our registration process only takes a couple of minutes, which means you're no more than a few clicks away from the future of online gaming.

    Cryptocurrency Gambling FAQ

    What is a crypto casino? The difference from other online casinos.

    A crypto casino allows you to make deposits, withdrawals and bets using coins such as Bitcoin. You transfer coins from your crypto wallet to a crypto wallet connected to your casino account. This allows you to play casino games using Bitcoin.

    What are bitcoin casinos?

    Yes, a bitcoin casino provides a safe and fair online gaming experience. You can make deposits and withdrawals using BTC. Bombastic BTC casino gives you the chance to make bets with bitcoin, win cash prizes and claim crypto promotions we happen to be running.

    Are crypto casinos safe?

    Online crypto casinos like ours are extremely safe. We use the latest encryption technology to secure your personal details. We also have password protection and, of course, the anonymity that comes with making crypto payments.

    Why do people gamble with crypto?

    People gamble with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin because they provide secure, efficient ways to make deposits and withdrawals. As well as offering fast withdrawals, bitcoin payments are anonymous and can be made from anywhere in the world. You'll get a better all-round gaming experience with cryptocurrency online casinos.

    Can I get free spins at Bombastic?

    Bombastic offers the ability for players to try our fantastic casino games with free spins or through the demo version of a game. Unlike traditional online casinos, the Bombastic crypto casino is focused on providing flexibility, enjoyment, and entertainment to our players, while showcasing what the next generation of crypto casinos can offer.

    Do you offer casino bonuses?

    Bombastic has an extensive casino bonus program known as 'The Club'. There are a number of benefits of being a member which includes: free spins, deposit bonuses, VIP benefits and unique experiences. We are unique among online bitcoin casinos with a generous bonus program.