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The Best Live Crypto Casino is Here

Casino gaming is arguably Bitcoin’s biggest success to date. It offers a transparent, fair, and easy way to play online, protecting your privacy while maintaining all the classic elements of blackjack, roulette, and slots. Somewhat of a pioneer of the iGaming industry, we’ve distilled all the above elements into the internet’s leading Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum live casino. With a backend on the blockchain, it’s all probably fair too. If you like playing the cryptocurrency markets or you’re just an avid gamer looking for new ways to play, join us at the best live crypto casino on the market.

What is Live Casino Gaming?

Inside a brick-and-mortar casino, games are played with real objects and real people - dealers, dice, cards, etc. Online, most experiences are controlled by a computer with a Random Number Generator (RNG) determining outcomes. The playing experience is the same but some might say online casino lacks the atmosphere and excitement of a world dressed in green felt and chandeliers. This is where the live dealer casino games and a live casino site come in. A crypto live casino creates a copy of a physical casino in a TV studio and then streams it directly to you, the player. A (human) dealer controls all the action and you get to watch it happen in real time, every dice roll and wheel spin. You’ll be able to make all the same bets as usual and can even put your strategies to work in games like live casino roulette. It’s casino gaming with the human element re-added, with all the drama and social opportunities intact.

Nuts and Bolts: The Technology

A live casino uses something called HTML5 to display a video feed on your computer or mobile. It’s an evolution of an older technology from Adobe called Flash, which managed video content online for nearly 25 years until it was retired in 2020. Apart from that, the hardware behind an online live casino is similar to that used by any other TV production. There’s a host, cameraperson, mic operator, editor, and so forth - but, remember, everything is live. Nothing is pre-recorded. Developers like Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play continue to develop new features for live Bitcoin casino lobbies, including sets with multiple camera views. It’s a thriving, dynamic part of a hobby that has every right to a rest after hundreds of years on the circuit.

Bitcoin Casino Live Dealers & Live Dealer games

As the presenter of each live casino game, the dealer is the most important aspect of any streamed experience. Their job is to entertain the players while dictating the action on the table. Dealers call the beginning and end of betting rounds, announce results, and may even be on hand to offer advice. Online live casino lobbies allow for a great deal of creativity from developers. With the luxury of a dressable set, themed live casino games are possible, complete with costumes for the dealer. This lends each game more of a gameshow vibe, where the players can feel like a part of the proceedings. For regional players, live lobbies are available in several languages, such as English, Mandarin, Farsi, and Russian.

Why Cryptocurrency?

Anybody familiar with cryptocurrency will be aware that it’s not quite as simple to use as ‘fiat’ money, largely because it doesn’t have the support of major financial institutions - and will likely never have it. Cryptocurrency is designed to be a decentralised entity, which means that it’s free from the kind of control that The Bank of England (for example) exerts on the pound. Simple supply and demand determines the value of crypto. Bitcoin can fluctuate in price, sometimes quite significantly, but it’s free from transaction fees, chargebacks, taxes, tracking, and even theft. It comes with some innate advantages for live casino online lobbies too.

Fast Payments

Each cryptocurrency has a different transaction speed depending on the efficiency of its blockchain - or how fast it can move data around. This ranges from near-instant (Ripple and Solana) to about forty minutes (Bitcoin and Dogecoin). We promise the fastest transaction speeds possible when you play live crypto casino at Bombastic, regardless of whether you’re using cryptocurrency, a digital wallet, or a credit/debit card.
We promise the fastest transaction speeds possible when you play live crypto casino at Bombastic, regardless of whether you’re using cryptocurrency, a digital wallet, or a credit/debit card.

Provably Fair Gameplay

All reputable casinos are fair. This can be confirmed by checking if they're regulated by the Gambling Commission in the UK and/or any of the Commission's approved test houses, like eCOGRA.

Live dealer Bitcoin casinos have the benefit of being able to prove fairness at the point of play. This is all done with hashes and seeds.

Hashes are created as a 'marker' on the blockchain before each game starts. As these hashes are available for anybody to see, the fairness of each dice throw can be inspected afterwards by the player.

Seeds work similarly. Just as video games use seeds to generate random noise (e.g. in the building of procedural worlds), players of online casino live games can supply seeds to guarantee that the casino can’t influence a game’s outcome.
All the calculations that go into a round of blackjack or poker, etc. are open source and completely transparent. If you want to check to see if an algorithm is working as it should be, you can.

Exceptional Privacy

The blockchain, on which all cryptocurrencies operate, is pseudonymous. This means that it doesn’t use real names. It’s an anonymous way to make transactions. This might seem a bit strange given that the contents of the blockchain are publicly accessible but every 'name' on the blockchain is only attached to the amount of crypto currently located at that address.

There’s a good reason for this. The blockchain needs to keep crypto values transparent so that it can be audited. If somebody were able to create new tokens without anybody knowing, they could destabilize an entire currency.

Is all this Legal?

There’s a good reason for this. The blockchain needs to keep crypto values transparent so that it can be audited. If somebody were able to create new tokens without anybody knowing, they could destabilize an entire currency.

At Bombastic, we’ve made a name for ourselves as a pioneer of the iGaming and live casino industry, and stake our reputation on providing the most secure sportsbook and casino sites on the internet.

How do I use Crypto at a Casino?

Would-be crypto users are sometimes put off by the concept due to jargon, but the truth is that you don’t need to know anything about blockchains or hash rates to use Bitcoin or Litecoin (etc.) at a Bitcoin live casino. All you need is a crypto wallet and some fiat cash to exchange. With these, you can dive into the exciting world of bitcoin live casino games without any hassle.

What is a Crypto Wallet?

Bank accounts store money. Crypto wallets store keys. These keys give you - and only you - permission to view or transact your tokens, which are held on the blockchain. Without these keys, it’s impossible to access your crypto.

Crypto wallets come in two basic forms, namely, online and offline. In the former case, they tend to resemble apps or websites like PayPal. In the latter, they can take a more physical form.

You might find offline wallets referred to as ‘cold’ storage, a term that refers to the fact that they can’t be touched by anything from the internet. At its simplest, this might be a piece of paper with a key written on it.

Far more sophisticated are hardware wallets. These resemble flash drives. You’ll only ever connect a hardware wallet to your computer when you want to use your cryptocurrency. Until then, it should be kept in a safe place.

It’s hard to overstate just how sensitive crypto is to poor key hygiene. A British man who threw away a laptop containing the key to 8,000 Bitcoins in 2013 spent over a decade searching a Welsh landfill for it - with no luck.

What is an Exchange?

The holidaymakers among you might be familiar with a Bureau de Change, i.e. the place where you turn your pound coins into dollars, Euros, or whatever currency is used at your destination.

A crypto exchange offers the same service, turning fiat currency into Bitcoin or another digital token. The most popular ones include Coinbase, Gemini, and eToro.

Note that each one has its advantages and disadvantages (some may have fees, for instance) so a bit of research is recommended before settling on a particular site.

Playing Live Casino Games with Crypto

Once you have a wallet and some cryptocurrency, you’re ready to start enjoying our live casino experiences. First, you’ll need to open an account with us or sign in to your existing profile.

Then, visit the Cashier part of our site and select the cryptocurrency that you’d like to make a deposit in, as well as the amount you’d like to send to our address. If you’re using a mobile app as your wallet, you can scan the on-screen QR code to make things easier.

After that, explore our selection of live baccarat games, live blackjack games, live roulette games, and many other casino games. You can also discover our exclusive games designed to enhance your gaming experience. Don't hesitate to play live dealer games and immerse yourself in the excitement of live casino action.

The Crypto Casino Enthusiast: Who are they?

In our time working with people in the casino industry, inclusive of live Bitcoin casino developers, affiliates, and players, we’ve discovered that many crypto enthusiasts have things in common - so we’d like to share those findings with you.

Tech-Savvy Millennials

Millennials are the group of people born between 1981 and 1996. By comparison, the preceding Gen X arrived in 1965, while the younger Gen Z was born after 1997. You might know these as the TikTok generation. We're currently amid Gen A (2013-).

Lovers of Interactivity

Both casual and competitive gamers have found a calling in cryptocurrency, largely because it places no specific demands on their lifestyles. Owners can save, spend, and speculate on a time scale that's all theirs.

Casino Veterans

You might call them high-rollers or card sharks - these players enjoy the status that comes with being a regular at the table. Crypto represents another way for seasoned gamers to try their luck, without the need to stray too far from what they're used to.

This isn’t an exclusive list by any means. Online casinos of every description attract an equally varied bunch of people. These are just a few insights from the Bombastic research dept. to get you thinking.

Sports betting savants

A number of the best sports bettors are now using crypto as their preferred deposit method due to its speed, security, safety, and anonymity.

These sports bettors are always looking for an edge and with Bombastic's razor thin RTP we want to be the ideal playground for enthusiasts and newcomer alike.

About Bombastic

We're a casino and sportsbook operator striving to upend the iGaming industry with streamlined transactions, rewarding campaigns, and an engaging player experience. We also have the best affiliate program on the web.

We firmly believe that the future of live casinos online is in cryptocurrency, perhaps one that hasn't even been released yet. It's a growing market that's poised to change commerce - and gaming - as we know it.

Live Crypto Casino FAQ

Is live casino live & what are live dealer games?

It’s as (a)live as you are! A crypto live casino, featuring live dealer online casino games, makes use of live webcam footage and human dealers to provide you with an immersive gameplay experience. You'll be able to communicate with the croupier in real time to place your bets and make other important gameplay decisions.

Can I play live casino games in demo mode first?

Unfortunately, as live Bitcoin casino games occur in real-time (and with time restrictions on some mechanics, like betting), it's not possible to play live experiences in demo mode. You can, however, spectate live table games and join in the action when you’re ready.

Is there more than one dealer at a live dealer Bitcoin casino?

Yes. Each of our lobbies has at least one dealer and a floor boss. We also have several different live tables to choose from, based on the dealer on theme that you want.

What live dealer casino games do we offer?

On Bombastic, there are a variety of popular live casino games on offer, from classic options like live blackjack to other themed dealer games that incorporate unique gameplay mechanics such as Lightning Roulette. We are committed to providing an environment where you can enjoy playing live dealer games at your leisure.

What other traditional online casino games are available?

Like other online casinos, you can find a variety of traditional online casino games on offer, which include live blackjack games, live roulette, live poker, and live baccarat. What differentiates Bombastic is our vision to provide other innovative games to our players.