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In a world where individuals have their unique preferences, the best Bitcoin blackjack sites have to offer various iterations to match everyone's taste. At Bombastic Casino, we have made it our mission to provide top-notch Bitcoin blackjack tables from the best gaming providers. That's why we've furnished our virtual casino with lots of variants of the venerable card game so you can play it whichever way you like.

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What is a Bitcoin Blackjack Casino?

Blackjack is a version of vingt-un ('twenty-one'), a French pastime codified around the turn of the 19th century. Two centuries later, it has become the most widely played casino banking game in the world. With its popularity at land based casino sites, several variants of the game, such as European Blackjack, have been created. Although these variations have slight changes in their rules, they still have the basics of the original game.

With the dawn of the internet, several classic casino games, such as blackjack, have gone through some seismic changes. After the first digitized versions, it was then transmogrified into live blackjack and, finally, cryptocurrency blackjack. Players can now enjoy playing blackjack and other online casino games at Bitcoin casinos with their preferred cryptocurrencies. Just like traditional online casinos, Bitcoin blackjack casinos offer interactions with real dealers and other players in real time.

Online casinos are now becoming popular as they offer comfort. Players can now access multiple blackjack games from their homes, making online gambling easy. One such casino that integrates live dealer games with cryptocurrencies is Bombastic Online Casino. Bombastic offers its players an exhilarating online casino experience, especially those who like to play blackjack with Bitcoin.

As a premier Bitcoin blackjack site, Bombastic provides a wonderful and thrilling gaming atmosphere where players can play a variety of classic games at the virtual blackjack tables using Bitcoin. The Bombastic crypto casino is a combination of components, which includes playing a game with a live human dealer using a webcam and also involves using any of the 12 available cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Ethereum.

How Can I Play Blackjack in Crypto Online Casino?

You won't be able to play Bitcoin blackjack games with regular or 'fiat' currencies at Bombastic so you'll need to exchange your pounds and dollars for crypto. You can do this at our on-site exchange, which accepts payments in Visa/Mastercard, Revolut, and Apple/Google Pay, or you can visit your preferred exchange online.

The only other thing you'll need to get started playing online Bitcoin blackjack is a wallet to store the 'keys' that grant access to your crypto. These come in several varieties -

  • Hardware.

    A hardware wallet is a physical object that usually resembles a flash drive. It's stored 'cold', meaning that it's kept disconnected from the internet until its owner wants to make a transaction. Hardware wallets are designed for infrequent usage and/or the storage of large amounts of cryptocurrency.

  • Paper.

    The least secure wallet is a piece of paper with a key (a QR code) printed on it. While these might serve a purpose in a pinch, they can only be used once and the risk of loss is high.

  • Software.

    As you can see, wallets are either hot/cold or hardware/software in design. Each one of these characteristics will determine how safe and how accessible your funds are. It's an important decision so we'll leave this one up to you.

  • As you can see, wallets are either hot/cold or hardware/software in design. Each one of these characteristics will determine how safe and how accessible your funds are. It's an important decision so we'll leave this one up to you.

    What's the Basic Strategy in Bitcoin Live Blackjack?

    If you've played a few rounds of blackjack in live casino with Bitcoin before, you'll know that the player has to make frequent calls to progress the game. These are -

    • Hit
    • Stand
    • Surrender
    • Double Down
    • Split

    The basic strategy in Bitcoin casino blackjack tells you the best time to make each of the above choices

    Below is a quick example using split, a call that takes a hand containing two identical cards and 'splits' them into two hands of four.

    In both regular and crypto blackjack, basic strategy charts state that you should always split aces and eights. The outcome gives you either the best chance of beating the dealer or not going bust yourself.

    It's an optimal way of playing - but not a winning one. Any card the croupier deals next is still an invention of fate.

    About Bombastic's Blackjack with Bitcoin

    Our earlier insistence on cryptocurrency isn't a coincidence. Bombastic are fans of innovation. Cryptocurrency continues to experience new highs a decade from its inception, as more people tune in to the idea of seamless, decentralised finance. That said, Bombastic ranks top on the list of bitcoin casino blackjack sites to play european blackjack and other casino games. Give our site a try today!

    Bitcoin Live Blackjack FAQ

    What is Bitcoin Live blackjack?

    A. Bitcoin live blackjack is an evolution of traditional blackjack, in which the dealer is shown in real-time on the screen. Place your bets and watch as our professional staff takes you through an authentic casino experience.

    How to play Bitcoin Live blackjack?

    A. First, pick a lobby from our table games section. Then, all you need to do is set your wager before the dealer calls an end to the betting round. All decisions, including hit or stand, are handled with the game's interface

    Is blackjack good or bad?

    A. After slots, blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It's easy to learn but the basic strategy adds depth to the experience. Whether you like it or not depends on your interest in casino games.

    Is blackjack a skill or luck?

    Even with the basic strategy, cryptocurrency blackjack is a game of luck. True, it's possible to play in an 'ideal' way that reduces the house edge but there's no way to guarantee any particular outcome - no matter what the armchair experts online might say.

    Can you actually win in blackjack?

    Yes. Due to the house edge, you have a slightly less than 50% chance to win each round, providing that you're making the best possible move each turn.

    Why do casinos win in blackjack?

    Casinos don't always win in online crypto blackjack. The odds are indeed stacked in the house's favour (otherwise, how would they make money?) but the casino's advantage is only about 2% on a 50/50 shot in blackjack.

    Should you hit or sit blackjack?

    The short answer is 'it depends'. The best way to proceed as a beginner is to hit or stand depending on how likely it is that the next card will tip your hand over 21. If you think it will, then you should stand.