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Play RIP City Slot by HackSaw Gaming on Bombastic

Have you ever noticed how cats and mice are like the ultimate frenemies? An online video slot called RIP City by Hacksaw Gaming brings Ro$$ the cat and Maxx the mouse together on the screen. With a mix of old-school animation vibes and modern crypto features, this RIP City review offers thorough information on the game's best features, while guiding you on the first steps to start playing!

A Symphony of Colors and Sounds

Imagine Tom & Jerry trading their cartoon antics for a wild street life in RIP City once their fame fades. In this game, you'll meet Maxx the Mouse and Ro$$ the Cat, both sitting on either side of the screen while you play.

The visuals and soundtrack bring a classic comedy vibe, like an old-school black-and-white movie, but with a twist. If you hit some wins, these two might just become pals. There's a chance to snag a cool 12,500x payout during the bonus rounds and plenty of opportunities to receive some Free Spins!

RIP City Slot Review: Simple Yet Interesting Gameplay

Right in the middle of the action-packed showdown between Ro$$ the cat and Maxx the mouse, there's RIP City's game grid. It's like the battlefield, a 5x5 grid with 19 fixed paylines where you can land some wins by matching 3-5 symbols.

Digging into the paytable, you'll find 10 symbols in total – five low and five high. The usual ten-Ace royals pay out 5-10x your bet for a full set, while the high-value ones like a peeled banana, a skull with a candle, dice, a smiley face, and an eight-ball/heart combo can score you 15x to 20x your stake if you get five in a row.

Now, let's talk Wilds – there are two types, and they can pop up anywhere. When a Wild Symbol are like the game's superheroes; they substitute for any symbol, and if you get five in a row, they dish out a sweet 25x your bet.

Grab your favorite device, set your bet level, and dive into RIP City. The battle between Ro$$ and Maxx is waiting, and those Wilds are ready to shake things up!

Bonus Round & Features

The RIP City slot game doesn't just rely on its visual and auditory appeal; it's got substance too. The game comes with a variety of features that add dynamic elements. From Free Spins resembling a whirlwind adventure to multipliers capable of turning a standard spin into a potentially significant moment – RIP City ensures a consistently engaging experience.

Wild Cat Symbols

The Wild Cat symbol is a magic tile that starts as a small 1x1 piece. But when it's part of a winning combo, it goes big and covers the whole reel, turning every position Wild! If an expanded wild cat symbol goes through another Wild, it gets even more powerful with a cool multiplier – it can be 2x-10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, 100x, or a whopping maximum payout multilpier of 200x! When a Wild Cat Symbol lands, excitement is guaranteed!

Ro$$ Bonus

Get ready for some extra fun with the Ro$$ Bonus. Just land three Free Spin Scatter symbols, and voila – you've got 10x Free Spins! These spins give you a better chance of scoring those awesome Wild Cat symbols and more Wilds than in the regular game. Plus, if you hit exactly three Free Spin symbols, you get 4+ extra Free Spins. And if you're lucky enough to land four Free Spin symbols, you trigger the Maxx Bonus Free Spins when the current remaining free spins end.

Maxx Bonus

Now, if you're looking for Maxx the mouse, land four Free Spin scatters in the main game to trigger the Maxx Bonus with 10 Free Spins. Here, when a Wild Cat symbol expands, it activates its reel, guaranteeing more wild action until the feature ends. Oh, and if you get three Free Spin scatters during this feature, you win 4+ extra Free Spins.

Buy Bonus

Feeling adventurous? Click on the yellow Buy Bonus button, if it's waving at you, and explore the RIP City online game in special modes:

  • BonusHunt FeatureSpins™: 3x the bet, with spins that are 5x more likely to trigger a bonus game.
  • Two Wild Cats FeatureSpins™: 20x the bet, guaranteeing at least two Wild Cat symbols in every spin.
  • Three Wild Cats FeatureSpins™: 50x the bet, ensuring at least three Wild Cat symbols in each spin.
  • Ro$$ Bonus: 110x the bet.
  • Maxx Bonus: 2000x the bet.

How to Play RIP City at Bombastic

Here's your go-to guide on how to play RIP City online with crypto:

Step 1: Set Up Your Bombastic Account
First things first, let's get you in the game. Create your account so you can benefit from all the perks of being part of the Bombastic community.

Step 2: Get Your Crypto Ready
Whether you've got a crypto wallet or need to buy some, Bombastic has got your back. We've got trusted methods that you can use to buy crypto right on the site.

Step 3: Familiarize Yourself with RIP City
Before you hit the reels, make sure you have all the necessary information. Check out the rules, peek at the paytable, and get the lowdown on all those bonus features.

Step 4: Set Your Stake
Time to personalize your game. Adjust your stake to match your style and to be comfortable. Utilize the Up or Down arrows to modify your overall stake amounts. Participants in the RIP City game can place bets ranging from 0.10 to 100 per spin.

Step 5: Choose Your Play Style
Now, here's where it gets fun. Decide if you want the reels to spin automatically, or if you prefer the classic manual play. You can also access Turbo/Super Turbo modes through the Menu button to accelerate your reel spins. The menu also provides options for adjusting sound and accessing extra information.

Step 6: Hit That Spin Button!
The moment you've been waiting for – hit that spin button and let the RIP City online game unfold! The reels are ready. Are you?

Why Choose Crypto Betting at Bombastic?

We're all about creating a community of like-minded players. And when you play with crypto at Bombastic, you're in for some extra perks.

  • Inclusive Fun: We want to make sure all of our players share the experience together and create a friendly environment for everyone!
  • Loyalty Coins: Get ready to stack up that Bombastium. These babies can unlock a treasure trove of rewards. It's our way of saying thanks for being part of the Bombastic family.

So, what are you waiting for? Your RIP City online adventure is just a spin away. Create your Bombastic account, load up on crypto, and try out some of our carefully selected games!

RIP City Online Slot - FAQ

What is the RTP and max win?

The RIP City game has a return-to-player (RTP) of 94.27%. When you win with RIP City, you could be in for some serious loot. The game's maximum win is a staggering 12,500x your bet!

Who is Hacksaw Gaming?

Hacksaw Gaming stands out as one of the most innovative developers in the casino game scene worldwide. It presents an extensive array of casino games featuring diverse themes complemented by sleek graphics and high-quality soundtracks. With a portfolio boasting over 100 games, including 50+ online slots and 50 scratch cards, Hacksaw Gaming has earned multiple awards.

What are my crypto options?

Bombastic supports bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, USDC, USDT (Tether), Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Binance Coin, and Tron.

Published: 2024-01-26

Written by:Bomabstic   Revieved by: Kristian Medina