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If you get a sudden feeling of familiarity when you play the Bounty Hunters slot, it's likely that you've played similar to another game from NoLimit City by the name of Deadwood. It shares a lot of features, including the nudging multiplier wilds and the two kinds of bonus from different scatters.

Just like Deadwood, there's a lot of fun to be had here, just in a different way as the presentation is a lot simpler, at least in the base game. With NoLimit's signature massive potential win and high volatility, it's a solid slot and a great part of Bombastic's NoLimit lineup.

Bounty Hunters Game Features

The Bounty Hunters slot, like a lot of Nolimit City games, has a lot hiding behind a fairly simple base game. In that base game, the only special feature is the climbing multiplier wilds. These can appear on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reels and act as wilds. If they land exactly on the board, then that's all there is to them.

If they land two or three spaces off, however, then they'll shove their way onto the board and pick up multipliers on the way. If all three turn up with 3x multipliers, they stack together and multiply any wins on the board by 9! That's before we even get to the bonus games, so you know there's plenty more hidden in here.

Symbols in the Bounty Hunters Online Slot

There are a lot of different symbols in the Bounty Hunters slot that you'll need to keep track of, with some linked to specific bonuses. Low-value symbols consist of the standard high-card options from 10 to A, and these mostly max out at 1x for a line of 5, barring the A which is marginally better. Other symbols are all bounty hunter tools, including bolas, dynamite, and knives, with classic revolvers bringing in the top value at 5x for a full line.

The game has two different scatters, with the ones on the first and last reels being bonus scatters and the ones on the middle reels being regular. The main difference is which bonus feature they link to; we'll discuss the different bonuses in the next section with all their unique symbols. The last main symbol is the wild which stands in for any other symbol on the board bar the scatters.

Bounty Hunters Slot Bonus Features

There are two separate bonus modes in the Bounty Hunters game, or three if you count them combined together. Landing the outside bonus symbols will get you into the Mexican Standoff which is a single straight-line win with three wilds and a multiplier. Land the three middle scatters and you'll get the Raid Spins, where the bounty hunter characters shoot across random lines of a board to hit the increasing cash prizes.

If you manage to land all five of the scatters at once then you hit the main event: the Showdown Spins. These play out similarly to the Raid Spins, except you get a bigger board that's already full of symbols, including a central one that increases with every spin, and this mode continues until you get three missed spins in a row. Best of all, if the middle symbol gets hit, it can reset all of the original symbols back to where they were at the start to keep the whole thing going.

How to Play the Bounty Hunters Online Game

Despite all of the various bonus features that the Bounty Hunters slot has, the good news is that the basic controls are nice and simple to use. You just need to set your bets anywhere between 0.20 and 100 per spin and then hit spin to get going.

NoLimit City are well-known for their games with high potential and the 52,310x max win in this is no exception. In the regular game there are 243 paylines, although the Mexican Standoff temporarily changes it to a single line and the full-reel wilds cover many lines at once.

Why You Should Play Bounty Hunters At Bombastic

If you're looking for any of the great, high-octane games from the NoLimit City lineup, there's no better place to start than here at Bombastic. Not only do we have all their best titles but you also get plenty of extras while you're playing Bounty Hunters or anything else.

To start with, we have bonuses, promos and events right from the moment you sign up with a big welcome bonus. We regularly have special offers and events for our regular players, and no matter what game you're playing, you'll be earning Bombastium which you can trade in for even more extras. As the cherry on top, you'll be playing with your favourite crypto coin the entire time, as we accept 12 of the biggest including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more!

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Bounty Hunters Slot FAQs

What is the maximum payout in the Bounty Hunters slot?

NoLimit City never do anything in a small way and the 52,310x maximum payout in Bounty Hunters is a perfect example of this. You're most likely to hit this in the Showdown Spins as this is where you get the maximum number of multipliers at once.

How many free spins can you get in Bounty Hunters?

Unlike a lot of more standard slots, there aren't any specific free spins in Bounty Hunters. The main bonus game, Showdown Spins, works on 'lives' more than a set number of spins, as they get reset each time there's a hit and in theory can go on forever if everything lines up.

How can you use crypto to play Bounty Hunters?

Like all of the games here at Bombastic, you can play using your choice of crypto coin. Just add funds from your wallet of choice, or buy coins directly from us, and once it all goes through you can just load up Bounty Hunters and start playing exactly the same as with fiat currency.

What's the biggest multiplier in Bounty Hunters?

If you're just in the base game, the largest multiplier you can get on a spin is 9x by having all three wilds nudge twice onto the reels. The main bonus games don't strictly have multipliers as they are instant cash prizes, although the Mexican Standoff has the potential for three 6x multipliers for an 18x multiplier in total.