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Here Kitty Kitty

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Let Your Curiosity Treat the Cats in the Here Kitty Kitty Slot

Discover how domesticated cats really are in Red Tiger Gaming’s fun and harmless Here Kitty Kitty slot game. With a four-stage bonus feature, increasing with every win, there’s never a dull moment with your furry friends.

Our Here Kitty Kitty review covers how to get started with spinning the reels, the base game symbols to look out for, and more detail on this four-stage reel modifier.

An Overview of the Here Kitty Kitty Online Game

The Here Kitty Kitty slot game is powered by the scatter pays game engine. This means there’s no defined paylines – it’s all about landing clusters of felines on the reel grid instead.

As you might be able to tell from the light-hearted theme, this slot isn’t pretending to be something it’s not. If you want a safe, cuddly slot, Here Kitty Kitty will tick all the right boxes for you!

How to Play Here Kitty Kitty

The 7x7 reel grid loads in the heart of a living room with plenty of feline friends for company on the walls. Red Tiger Gaming designs its slot game screens to be minimalist and it’s no different with Here Kitty Kitty.

You’ll see the stake size per spin in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Increase or decrease the size of your wager using the plus and minus buttons. You can switch the game’s sound effects on and off by clicking the speaker icon in the top right corner.

The yellow spin button is positioned in the bottom right corner – you can’t miss it, it’s comfortably the biggest button on the game screen and rightly so!

If you need reminding of the base game symbols and the paytable, click the ‘Pays’ button in the bottom left-hand corner.

Symbols and Paytable

Now for the base game symbols: there’s eight of them on the reels of Here Kitty Kitty. You’ll find the four playing card suits, followed by the four cuddly feline characters. There’s a scatter symbol in play, which can help you land up to 300x multipliers with a cluster of 45 matching scatters on the reel grid.

The game has an active wild symbol. This is the fishbowl symbol, which can swap in and out for any base game symbol to improve the payout potential of successful symbol clusters.

Bonus Features

Random Reel Modifiers

There is a four-stage progress bar that sits above the reels and increases after every winning symbol combination. With every new stage you enter, a random reel modifier is triggered. It becomes progressively harder to enter each new stage, as the number of symbol wins required increases by ten per stage.

If you’re curious about the types of reel modifiers available, here’s the three main stages covered:

  1. Swap Symbols
    Watch random base game symbols transform into another type of base game symbol. This can potentially form new symbol combinations without having to spin the reels again.
  2. Destroy Symbols
    Wait for random base game symbols to explode and disappear from the reels, to be replaced by new symbols cascading into their place from the rows above. This too has the potential to create multiple symbol combos from a single spin.
  3. Random Wilds
    Look out for random base game symbols converting into wild symbols, which can increase the value of successful symbol combos.

Catmageddon Bonus

The Catmageddon feature is triggered whenever you enter the fourth and final stage of the reel modifier progress bar. Once active, a 2x2 random cat symbol appears at the base of the reel grid. Base game symbols begin to fill in around it.

The really cool feature about Catmageddon is that only the symbol matching the 2x2 cat symbol is active in this mode. New symbols that land adjacent to the 2x2 symbol can help to create larger 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and even 7x7 cat symbols – the latter of which also carries a 7x multiplier.

There’s also a feature buy-in option for this, which comes at a cost of 50x your usual stake. This is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have the patience to work your way to stage four of the progress bar.

Our Verdict: Cats Are a Slot Player’s Best Friend Too!

The Here Kitty Kitty slot is living proof that It’s not only canines that can be a slot player’s best friend! The furry felines in this slot can work together to create exciting wins and roll that yarn ball along the progress meter towards your next reel modifier.

We love slots made by Red Tiger Gaming. These guys really know what they’re doing when it comes to engaging and immersive slot experiences. They even manage to capture the warm, cozy feeling of being sat in that red armchair behind the reel grid and having one of these feline friends purring on your lap!

Who Are Red Tiger Gaming?

For almost a decade, Red Tiger Gaming has been innovating and pioneering new iGaming experiences. We’re delighted that the Malta-based studio is now a keen supplier of its state-of-the-art online slots to the Bombastic community, including Here Kitty Kitty.

What makes Red Tiger Gaming such a powerful iGaming software studio is their unity. They work under one roof – the designers, mathematicians and creatives work together to design and build unique slot games.

Red Tiger Gaming slots have won its fair share of industry awards. Red Tiger Gaming was acknowledged in the summer of 2020 as Best Mobile Gaming Software Supplier, as well as the Innovation in Mobile award. In essence, if you’re someone who enjoys playing slots on your smartphone or tablet, you can be sure Red Tiger Gaming’s titles will be designed fit for purpose.

Their products are also certified and accredited by some of the most respected iGaming jurisdictions on the planet, including the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.


What is the RTP of Here Kitty Kitty?

The return to player (RTP) percentage of the Here Kitty Kitty slot is set at 95.73%, which is a shade below the industry average of approximately 96%. The volatility of the Here Kitty Kitty game is also classified as medium-to-high, which means it’s possible to land some frequent feline payouts.

Can I Play Here Kitty Kitty Online for Free?

Yes, absolutely. At Bombastic, we give our players two options to play our immersive slot games online. Firstly, you can deposit any of the 12 cryptocurrencies we support and bet using the cryptocurrency from your own crypto wallet. The list of accepted cryptocurrencies includes bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and tether, so there should be at least one coin compatible with your crypto portfolio. At the other end of the spectrum, we also give our casual slot gamers the freedom to play using our free-play mode. You won’t be eligible for real-money prizes, but you can accrue Bombastic’s loyalty token, Bombastium, as a reward for your loyalty. These tokens can be converted into bonus money, free spins, as well as one-off VIP experiences. How’s that for a freebie?!

What is the Maximum Win Available in the Here Kitty Kitty Slot?

The maximum you can win from a single spin of the reels of Here Kitty Kitty is capped at 2,135x your initial wager. That’s a decent max payout and with only medium-to-high volatility it’s not going to be impossible to achieve either!

Can I Play Here Kitty Kitty on Mobile?

We’ve already waxed lyrical on this page about Red Tiger Gaming as a mobile-first slots provider, so it’s no surprise that Here Kitty Kitty is fully compatible with all mobile devices. These HTML5-powered slot games can also be enjoyed within your preferred desktop or mobile web browser, without having to download and install resource-hungry native apps onto your devices. How’s that for agile iGaming?!