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Electric Elements

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Electric Elements Review

Electric Elements, a slot themed on ancient alchemy and elemental forces. Fundamental forces collide in this slot by Swintt. This slot is unique in both its theme and game features.

Considering that Swintt only started up as a game developer a few years ago, having a list of over 100 published titles including Electric Elements is impressive. If you like the idea of the four primordial elements in the form of buff superheroes, then this could be just the game for you.

With features that will remind veteran players of the classic Moon Princess slot, plus interesting character and symbol designs and a supercharged bonus game, this is definitely worth giving a try at Bombastic.

Electric Elements Game Features

To start with, Electric Elements runs on a cascade system like many cluster slots, where winning symbols on a spin are removed from the board, the remaining symbols drop down the board and new ones drop in from the top to make new combinations.

There are a few tips and suggestions we can provide for how to play Electric Elements. Getting enough wins through the cascade feature will start charging up the bars under the four elementals surrounding the board. Completely filling a bar will trigger that elemental's bonus when the spin finishes:

  • Fire elemental: Replaces every symbol of a certain type on the board with wilds.
  • Earth elemental: Turns a random number of symbols on the board into the same symbol. This can be any regular symbol or even wilds.
  • Water elemental: Wipes a single random row of symbols to let new ones cascade in from the top.
  • Wind elemental: Chooses a random symbol on the board and removes all of that symbol from play.

Unlike similar features in other games, the elementals aren't linked to specific symbols and any win on the board will simply charge up a random bar. With enough wins on a spin, you can trigger more than one of these bonuses, or trigger all of them for the bonus feature we'll talk about later.

Symbols in the Electric Elements Online Slot

The four elementals make up the high-value symbols in Electric Elements, with the top fire elemental at a max payout of 250x for 21 symbols or more in a combo. Followed by the earth, water, and wind elemental symbols, the respective elements make up the rest of the paytable.

There are no scatters in play, however, there are wilds and also a 2x2 element wheel symbol which will instantly charge up one of the elemental powers, but only if it appears completely on the board and not partially on.

Electric Elements Slot Bonus Features

Similar again to Moon Princess and other slots with charged features, the bonus game doesn't involve scatters but instead needs you to charge all four elementals at once.

Once all their abilities finish on the base game, you'll get the option to choose between five different bonus games. There's one for each elemental plus another that has all four elementals active for each spin. The more powerful the elemental ability, the less spins you'll get to play, so the wind elemental version gives you 16 while the fire elemental only gives you six. Making use of all four leaves you with three super-powered spins only.

As there are no scatters in play, there aren't any retriggers, and you won't see any multipliers active at any point.

How to Play the Electric Elements Online Game

It's not often that you find boards with unusual numbers on the reels but a 5x7 board like Electric Elements is uncommon at least. As it's a cluster slot, it doesn't make use of set paylines, with symbols simply needing to connect in any direction except diagonals. Combinations start at blocks of five and go up to full sets of 35, although the payouts max out at 21 anyway.

The betting range on the slot is between 0.20 per spin and 200 per spin, and there's a 'bet max' button to instantly set it to that high limit. The maximum win is on the lower side at 656x the stake, but the RTP stands at 95.96%.

Getting started is easy: set your bet amount, toggle the turbo spin option if you want it, then hit spin or use the auto spin option to play.

Why You Should Play Electric Elements at Bombastic

What could make a slot like Electric Elements better? Playing it at a great casino; that's exactly what Bombastic gives you. Not only do we have the rest of the Swiftt library, but also all the biggest titles from all the biggest developers out there.

We know that online casinos aren't just about the games, though. We pack out every week with plenty of bonuses, offers, and events to help you enhance your experience. You can even earn loyalty points by playing in the form of Bombastium which can be traded in for even more bonuses and perks.

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Electric Elements Slot FAQs

How many free spins can you get in the Electric Elements slot?

It depends on how you want to play the game. If you choose the wind elemental, who has the least powerful ability, you get 16 full spins to play with. If you decide instead to take all four elementals with you into the spins, then you'll only get three powerful tries. The spins you get can't be increased afterward though.

What's the highest payout for a symbol in Electric Elements?

The maximum payout you can get in Electric Elements for a single symbol is 250x for the fire elemental. For that you need to have a cluster of 21 matching symbols; you can get up to 35 in theory in one cluster but any more than 21 won't increase the payout.

How do you trigger the free spins mode in Electric Elements?

There are no scatters in Electric Elements. Instead you will trigger free spins as soon as all four of the elementals have been fully charged up and their abilities have all played out. Thanks to this, however, there is no possible retrigger available.